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Google’s pretty handy this way; they’ve provided a helpful resource to help your company, and your digital marketing partner determine which banner sizes perform best for your needs. So which sizes ranked highest?

Display ads — while sure, they tend to get a lower direct click through rate than search ads — should be visually striking, with carefully crafted text, just the right mix of fonts, color, graphics, and maybe even animation. They’re great for raising your brand awareness and when used for remarketing purposes, potential customers are more and more likely to make a purchase if not today, then maybe tomorrow. The creation of an effective display ad is not a project undertaken lightly, but one that requires the collaborative effort of you — the business owner who has worked so hard to stamp your company with your own unique brand — and Conversion Pipeline, the digital marketers who’ve made it our mission to use all the tools in our arsenal to drive the right customers your website, to the make the right purchases.

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